Reasons Why You Must File IVC Filter Lawsuit

ivc filter lawsuit
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June 26, 2019
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Reasons Why You Must File IVC Filter Lawsuit

IVC Filter lawsuit

Did you know that every year thousands of patients die from blood clots, including pulmonary embolisms? To combat the issue, IVC filters were introduced. But sadly, there were no concrete evidence of their effectiveness. And in many cases, were downright defective. Are you one of the victims?

ICV Filters were designed and introduced as a preventive measure for blood clots or to reduce the mortality rate associated with clots. Since their mass production began in 1998, these devices have never been able to demonstrate the fact that they were effective enough. Instead, they were found severely defective reading to victims filing lawsuits and claiming for IVC Filter lawsuit settlements in financial compensation.

What are the risks involved?

There are several known risks associated with IVC filters.

  • To begin with, the blood clot filter can break, and filter fractures are quite common. When it happens, fragments of the mesh can travel to the heart or lungs causing damage to the organs.
  • Additionally, the entire device can shift to the organs causing serious damage. It can also result in perforation.
  • Infection is another possible harm caused by the placement of an IVC filter.
  • The risk of allergic reaction is also high where the material might react with the body during or after the surgery. This can ultimately result in medical complications and may require the removal of the device.
  • Damage to the blood vessel, or bruising or bleeding at the puncture site is also common. And both of these can lead to infection or even death.
  • An IVC filter can also become overfilled due to a blood clot, which can block all blood flow from the vessel.
  • Removal of a vena cava filter can prove difficult, even dangerous in some cases.
  • Other long-term complications include everything from lower limb deep vein thrombosis to occlusions of the inferior vena cava.

IVC Filter Litigation:

Litigation regarding Cook and Bard’s IVC filters has included:

  • Punctures of internal organs
  • Punctures of veins or arteries
  • Fractures or broken filter components
  • Filter tilting or migration
  • Injury to heart, lungs, or other organs
  • Wrongful death cases

In each of these lawsuits, the patients experienced severe or life-threatening complications or death; many deceased patients were represented in state or federal court by family members.

IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements

Thousands of litigation cases are pending before courts throughout the country. That being said, each case is unique. No one can make any guarantees regarding specific IVC filter lawsuit settlement amounts. When awarding a dollar amount, juries will typically consider:

  • The extent, severity, and duration of the injuries
  • The effect on the patient’s overall physical and mental health
  • The egregiousness of the manufacturer’s behavior
  • The amount of medical expenses
  • Past pain and mental anguish
  • Future pain and mental anguish
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Loss of love, companionship, and financial support after a wrongful death

IVC Filter Litigation offers legal help regarding IVC Filter lawsuit settlements. If you are seeking justice against the trauma caused by these devices, get in touch with them on or at 1(855)631-1338 for details.