Know all about the Greenfield Filter Complications

IVC Filter lawsuit
Reasons Why You Must File IVC Filter Lawsuit
September 30, 2019

Know all about the Greenfield Filter Complications

greenfield filter complications

Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filters, or blood clot filters, are designed to trap the blood clots that might break free inside the deep veins of the body and travel toward the heart or lungs. These cage-like filters are implanted in patients who are at risk for a pulmonary embolism (PE), when they are unable to take anticoagulants or when those medications fail to work.

The FDA issued a warning to the medical community as well as the public in August 2010, highlighting the risks associated with these retrievable IVC filters. Cook and C.R. Bard are the two main companies named in the lawsuits.

The FDA issued an updated safety statement in May 2014 after it received nearly a thousand adverse event reports. It indicated that patients might face an increased risk of problems with IVC filters if they stayed inside the patients’ body for more than the intended time. Usually, they must be removed from 29 to 54 days after implantation.

Problems with IVC filters

The IVC filter devices are implanted in approximately a quarter of a million U.S. patients each year. Most patients are at the risk for thromboembolism, specially the ones who are on anticoagulant medications (blood thinners). An IVC filter can’t stop blood clots from forming but is intended to trap the same from reaching to the lungs or hearts. Unfortunately, many IVC filter models, as shown by Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and other studies are linked with the following Greenfield filter complications:

  • Device migrating to other parts of the body
  • Device fracturing
  • Device tilting
  • Device perforating
  • Device becoming irretrievable

Allegations in the IVC lawsuit

Lawsuits against IVC filter manufacturers are now consolidated into MDLs. The following are the main accusations against the companies:

  • There were defects in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of the devices
  • The devices are unreasonably dangerous
  • Failed to warn about the defects and health risks linked
  • Disregarded the health and safety of public to serve their own financial interests
  • Concealing the facts on device defects and dangers

If you have suffered from the Greenfield filter complications, you might be eligible for the following damage awards:

  • Past and future medical expenses resulting from the injuries caused by the IVC filter
  • Past and future pain and suffering (both physiological and mental) caused by during the treatment and recovery process
  • Past and future wage loss or the incapacity to earn money
  • Loss in the standard of life
  • Punitive damages, if appropriate

More than 11,000 lawsuits were pending in the federal court as of April 2019. Had you suffered from the severe complications of IVC filter implant, you too might have a case. To claim your rights for financial compensation, get in touch with the team of They will help you determine if your pain and suffering are worth the financial compensation. Visit or dial 1 (855)631-1338 to know more about the lawsuit.

You do not have to pay any fee unless there is any settlement.