IVC Filter Lawsuits Are Getting On The Rise

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March 11, 2019
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September 30, 2019

IVC Filter Lawsuits Are Getting On The Rise

ivc filter lawsuit

In 2010 and 2014, the FDA issued a health warning about the risk of IVC filter complications, revealing it had received hundreds of adverse event reports since 2005. Parts of the filter were breaking off and perforating the patients’ veins, or migrating to the heart, lungs, and other vital organs, which can even lead to death apart from causing injuries.

The inferior vena cava is a major vein in the circulatory system that transports blood from the legs and lower torso to the heart. IVC filter placement and removal procedures are employed in patients who undergoes bariatric surgery, hip and knee replacement surgery, or are otherwise unable to tolerate blood thinning medications which prevent blood clots.

Over time, the blood clot filters can move or otherwise tilt and thus cause impairment to the inferior vena cava function. Sometimes, the parts of the filter can break off and perforate veins, lungs, and other vital organs. Similar damage can be caused when the entire vena cava filter migrate to the heart.

The Journal of the American Medical Association(“JAMA”) published in 2012 and 2013 the failure rate of the blood clot filters, the high incidence of IVC filter-caused injuries, and other compelling data showing how these devices lack efficiency.

Cook Medical, Inc. has recently been cited in IVC filter lawsuits. C.R. Bard Inc. have also been recently been the subject IVC lawsuits which is consolidated in an MDL pending before United States District Court, District of Arizona.

The allegations about these filters are more or less the same that the defect in the IVC filters and the resulting danger to the public; but they failed to properly warn patients or their doctors of the IVC filter failure risk.

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