Complications about the IVC filter implant

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April 24, 2016
ivc filter lawsuit
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June 26, 2019

Complications about the IVC filter implant

IVC filter implant

Inferior vena cava filters otherwise known as IVCs are tiny devices which are installed into a large vein in the body known as the inferior vena cava. They are implanted to prevent blockages from traveling through the blood stream and reaching the lungs or the heart. These blockages could potentially cause a stroke or other form of health disaster if not diagnosed in time. The Greenfield filter is a specific type of IVC used by the physicians today but there have been plenty of lawsuits claiming the devices cause severe hazards.


The following are the Greenfield filter complications that have been reported in the lawsuits:

  • Incorrect release or placement of the filter
  • Migration of the filter
  • Hematoma (bruise) or bleeding at the insertion site
  • Formation of clots on the filter
  • Chronic infection
  • Perforation of the vena cava
  • Air embolism during filter insertion

The IVC filter lawsuit settlements blame the device makers of hiding the linked health issues associated with the filters. They did not bring up the chance of filter fracture which can result in organ or nerve damage. Moreover, they did not stop branding their product as a safe medical device even after there were hundreds of reports about the serious health complications.

The plaintiffs can demand for the expenses of the ongoing and future medical costs. If qualified, the patients can even get the expenses for the loss of wages, hospitalization costs, reduced earning capacity, funeral expenses and punitive damages.

Of the one thousand adverse reports filed to the FDA, the following is the percentage of the injuries:

  • 6% reported about the IVC filter fractures
  • 5% patients complained about vena cava perforation
  • 15% were about the cases on the IVC Filter embolization
  • 35% cases complained about IVC filter migration

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