Litigation Facts


Here are the details involved in some of the IVC filter lawsuits

Class-action lawsuits

Three class-action lawsuits were filed against Bard in Florida, Pennsylvania and California courts. The cases claim that plaintiffs with Bard Recovery, G2 and G2 Express filters, which did not break into pieces or move, needed compensation for medical monitoring. Bard’s negligent behavior, misrepresentation of facts and effort to hide important information were cited.

Lisa Davis

This patient sued Bard after a G2 filter surgery in 2006, which resulted in the device breaking and pieces moving to her heart in 2008. Although she experienced ongoing heart problems, Davis did not want open heart surgery to remove the broken device and needs to take blood thinners for the rest of her life. Davis claimed that Bard did not warn her doctor of the risks of the IVC device, which the company marketed as safe. She filed the Bard IVC filter lawsuit to compensate for her physical damages, stress and loss of income.

Kelly and Chris Vlasvich

This couple filed a lawsuit against Bard after a G2 filter, implanted in Mrs. Vlasvich in 2009, broke into pieces in 2011. The fragments traveled to different parts of her body, damaging her heart and lungs. The Bard IVC filter lawsuit describes the decrease in her basic quality of life, discomfort, disability, injuries and stress. Mr. Vlasvich also refers to losing his previous relationship with his wife because of the blood clot filter side effects. The case refers to a faulty IVC filter design, which was inaccurately advertised as safe and effective.


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Larry and Brenda Johnson

This husband and wife filed a complaint against Cook for the reckless design, irresponsible testing and production of its Celect filter. After Mr. Johnson's knee surgery in 2010, the IVC device broke and migrated to his heart in 2014. As a result, he lost consciousness while driving and needed three additional surgeries. The blood clot filter lawsuit was filed to compensate Mr. Johnson’s for his discomfort, emotional suffering, inability to enjoy daily living, scarring and lost income as well as his altered relationship with his wife.